Sunday, 6 November 2011

End of an Adventure

Well, I did have good intentions of starting a new blog but… where did the time go? Since that first, and only, blog our new room has been completed, a British winter has been experienced, Tony has had a major heart attack, we have visited France a couple of times, the British summer is over and now, here we are on our way to Greece to clear out Ganymede.

Ganymede has been sold!!!

Oh, the relief. I should feel sad, and I do if I am being entirely honest, but the relief is so much greater. With Tony's state of health we were never going to sail in her again and the responsibility of having her just sit there, on the hard, going nowhere but still needing maintenance and loving attention… well, it was just so huge. But perhaps the sadness will hit when we get there and the memories flood in.

Meanwhile, we are en route. We left Dover on the midday ferry on Friday. A mistake that, bearing in mind we were taking the Dunkirk route, longer than going to Calais and then there is an hour time difference so that by the time we were off the ferry and had made a detour to fill up with diesel, it was almost 4.00pm. By the time we reached Dijon, found a parking spot and got to the hotel, it was gone 9.00. And we were both tired and hungry.

Did I mention that we bought a new car on Wednesday? Well, not exactly new but new to us. A semi-automatic because I am so fed-up changing gear. Computerised everything. It puts the lights on when it gets dark. It puts the windscreen wipers on when it rains. It has cruise control. Now, if only it could drive itself! But perhaps it wasn't the best time to be driving a car with so much sophistication. Not with having to drive on the right and get used to the French way of driving - which is definitely not the same as the British way.

So, late dinner after finding hotel and discovering that it was a little more drab than we remembered. Still quaint though. After dinner we searched around and were able to find where we had parked the car, a great relief, we could sleep easily. Here are some photos of Dijon IMG 1865

Flower stall at entrance to covered market.

IMG 1859
Perhaps some charcuterie?

IMG 1853

Cheese anyone?

IMG 1855

A few vegetables for your five a day

IMG 1857

Here's an overview. Note, I forgot to take a pic of one of the butchery counters. Phew!!! I feel you thinking.

And here are a couple of shots taken as we sipped coffee sitting at one of the nearby cafés.

IMG 1866

IMG 1867

IMG 1868

Sorry about all that food. Hope you weren't hoping for photos of the town. The town is lovely and there are some fantastic buildings, lovely little alleyways, gorgeous shops, but I think that after coffee my mind had moved on to the drive ahead and there are no more photos of Dijon….

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