Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Garden

I have been intending to blog about my garden since we moved in here two years ago. All I can say is that my good intentions, while often coming to naught, don't go away easily. Here is the first picture I can find of the garden after we moved in. IMG 0199 Not a lot there, as you can see. By this time we had cut back all the long grass. Slowly, it began to look like this, as I added more and more containers. IMG 0339 And then a patio was added. And more pots. IMG 0500 And pansies. Always pansies. IMG 0506 Then there was a shed at the bottom. And Wayne came along and finished off the landscaping. (Do you call it landscaping in such a small space, I wonder…) IMG 1275 IMG 1276

IMG 1279

IMG 1302 And there were more plants. IMG 1748 And courgettes. IMG 1751 Tomatoes. IMG 1752 Slowly the garden took shape until today, this is how the pots are looking. Penstemmons from seeds sown last year and self-seeded nigella. There are also a few violas in there. DSC02311

DSC02312 In the garden, this is very striking but it just isn't photogenic. DSC02313


There's a fig tree in there somewhere - about a foot high. ;)) Maybe next year it will show itself - these half-price offers in Wilkinsons are not to be missed. DSC02320 Chopped the heads off the top ones, but you get the idea. DSC02321 Begonias really are show-off plants, aren't they. DSC02323

This one has suddenly blossomed. DSC02327 And these are at the front of the house, more show-off begonias. DSC02330 And I realise I haven't got a photo of pansies. You will never believe how many pansies I have now - it's like the Forth Bridge, no sooner have I finished dead-heading than I have to start again.

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