Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Eva and Maia came to stay

We love having Eva and Maia come for a visit. It's exhausting mind you, but nice exhausting. The weather was glorious, too warm if anything, making some of us decidedly grumpy at times and not only the younger ones. In fact, mostly the two oldest! Icecreams were enjoyed. Here's Eva. IMG 2592 And here's Maia… oooops, she forgot her clothes. IMG 2591 We usually visit the National Herb Centre when they come. It's a place to enjoy a drink IMG 2572 And just sit IMG 2573 And then there are always the swings IMG 2576 And the labyrinth IMG 2586 Including a lesson on telling the time IMG 2584 Maia, surveying the lie of the land IMG 2582 Eva IMG 2580 When we are tired of the labyrinth it's time for the park again IMG 2587 And a little bit of shade IMG 2589 But it got so hot I had to find a cool solution DSC02342 Two happy girls DSC02343 We did lots more but I forgot to take pics! Typical, don't you think. And all too soon it was time for the girls to go home. We're looking forward to seeing them again next week when they come home from their holiday on Naxos.

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